Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A brief photo history of my summers above the Arctic Circle:

Summer 2005: So damn dry that I had trouble setting up experiments in lake inlets and outlets. Highlights included lots of crazy costume parties including an "all women" bridal shower. Went swimming in the Arctic Ocean again- this time in nothing but my Tevas.
Summer 2004: Much warmer. Highlights included an overnight trip to the base of "Mystical" in ANWR. Yes, it is that buggy. Probably my favorite summer up here.
Summer 2003: Still pretty cold and snowy. Hiking trips to China Valley and the top of Jade Mountain.
Summer 2002: Slipped on an icy boardwalk and sprained my wrist. Super snowy and cold! Visited Atigun Gorge several times and went swimming in the Arctic Ocean.

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