Friday, June 30, 2006

As I was walking back to the lab amid some late night sampling, I looked around and thought how I should take a picture to share with you how much more tolerable it is to work late nights when it's still light out at 12:30am. However, when I got to my lab, I discovered that not one, but both of the doors had been accidentally locked. I tried kicking on the doors in the hopes that someone was still up, to no avail. So I went on a 20 minute man-hunt to find the night owl assistant manager to let me in. I finally tracked down which fine trailer was his. However, now I am in a race to finish my incubations and filtrations so I can get some sleep tonight! At least tomorrow's field day is starting at a reason time- I don't think I'll be in bed before 2 am. In short, maybe I'll take a picture late tomorrow night instead.

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