Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Field day

I love field work. I find it the most challenging, the most fun, and the most rewarding aspect of what I do. Being able to improvise when things don't go according to plan is a key skill, as is always having a multi-tool and a roll of duct tape close at hand. But some days are harder than others. It's easy to enjoy a day out when the sun is shining, there's no wind, and everything runs smoothly.

ATV loaded with field gear

But sometimes, you have less time than you need, and everything goes wrong. Instruments that don't feel like working because they are too cold, no matter how much cajoling you do can really slow you down. And at a certain point, you have to decide if it's worth proceeding, will you be able to cross that threshold of sampling enough to make another trip out unnecessary. Today was one of those challenging days. Lots of hauling equipment, riding in helicopters, and problem solving, with only 2 samples to show for it (requiring another trip back out next week). It's time to just count your blessings, because things could always turn worse. No injuries, and we didn't have to spend the night out due to the weather. Today was a good day, because we're back in camp, warm, and waiting for dinner.

Re-fueling the helicopter at Marble Point

Arrival at Lake Miers

Trying to convince one of the instruments to work

Line of snow in one of the valleys on the way "home"

One side effect of a day out in the field

We're back at the Lake Hoare Camp now. As soon as we set foot here yesterday, it felt as if I had just left the land of the Lost Boys over at Bonney camp. The manager here runs a much cleaner ship and best of all, cooks us dinner. It was fun to have the communal cooking experience at Bonney, but I can't say no to fresh focaccia.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I don't even get fresh focaccia at home... and I regularly cook! :-P

Pictures are beautiful.. you ever consider putting a website gallery of all the (has to be hundreds) of pictures of your adventures over the years?

Heather said...

Well, most of my pictures are on facebook, but it would be fun to put one together either here or my website.