Monday, August 06, 2007


Jen and I went to a friend's wedding last Saturday.
Yesterday, we "saved" a hamster.

Apparently, the best man gave the couple a hamster (and a popcorn maker) as a wedding present. They don't want a hamster and left for their honeymoon yesterday. The matron of honor (who lives in Pittsburgh) was saddled with dealing with the situation so Jen (her best friend) was called. We now have a dwarf hamster. We named it Lucky, because if we didn't take it it would have either been released into the woods or dropped outside of the Humane Society on a Sunday evening.

Sassy really likes the hamster. Obsessed, one might say.

When I was taking a shower this morning, I heard a loud crash. I thought it was my new roommate, Mark, moving stuff. When I got out of the bathroom, I discovered the door to my bedroom open, the hamster cage shattered on the floor, and Sassy laying on Jen's bed. Next to Sassy was a very soaking wet hamster with curled legs and closed eyes.

Not so lucky.

But wait! Jen detected a heartbeat, then we saw it breathing. Lucky is still alive. He regained consciousness and is starting to move around in a slightly more coordinated manor.

So, here's the question:

Did Sassy
a) swallow the hamster and regurgitate it on Jen's bed?
b) found the unconscious hamster after she knocked the cage off my dresser and gingerly carried it back to Jen's bed and proceeded to lick it back to life?
or c) dunk the hamster in her water bowl and sing it to sleep?

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