Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On top of Slope Mountain...Ashley and I hiked up Slope Mountain this past Sunday- it was one of the only (reasonable) hikes I hadn't gone on yet. On the way up, we got stuck in a huge field of willows up to our heads. The perfect place to live if I was a bear. Luckily, no incidents involving bears, although we did see a pair of Moose. I've never seen them north of Atigun pass that I can recall.
Up at the top, there was an amazing view of the Brooks range, where it turns to run mostly north-south. Ashley was standing on a ledge above a super steep drop when I took this picture. If you look closely, you can see a small glacier along with the haul road and the pipeline.
I'm not that brave and barely peer over the edge. We later climbed on top of those rocks for pictures with a self-timer.
And yes, I'm still doing work this trip. Lots of it. Which is why my updates have not been very frequent. The weather has been great but it's super buggy and the streams are low, the latter being not so great for transplanting bacteria in dialysis bags in streams.
But the fun never ends. Here Alex and Ashley are taping foam onto the handle of the D.I. water bottle. It's been cutting my hand for years whenever I moved it and we finally came up with a solution this year. Necessity is the mother of invention, even if it takes me a few years to figure it out.

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David said...

I can't believe you have never been up slope. I also can't believe you saw two moose. Looks like you had a great day/view from on top.